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A Movement For Facilitating

Positive Change and Performance 

Committed to building strong and purposeful individual, leader, team, and organizational performance


​U.magine promotes three important steps for transformation and growth in climates of uncertainty:

  1. ​Creating inspiring moments and experiences;

  2. Leveraging these moments to imagine new, fresh and different outcomes: and,

  3. Pulling the trigger to achieve the desired state or outcome.

  4. In other words, individuals and businesses must include and develop sources of inspiration to imagine or create novel ideas and future states. The final step is to press…go! Making it happen! 





U.magine Performance is a movement designed to…

Support leaders, teams, and employees to perform at high levels, especially during times of major change and transition. The goal is for leaders, teams, and employees to reach high levels of actualization so they can do their best work by building upon their strengths, while also achieving their personal and professional aspirations.


U.magine believes that leaders, teams, and employees who achieve high-levels of confidence and know their strengths bring happiness and joy into the organization leading to organizational cultures of strength, trust, endurance, adaptability, creativity, and resilience. 



Michelle Thomas /

HR Director /

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.

“Cheryl  has a deep commitment to creating a more caring and humanistic workplace where leaders and employees at all levels can thrive and achieve optimal performance. She is a lifelong learner and is always seeking opportunities to increase her knowledge and exposure. She is intelligent, service-oriented, and very creative. She cares deeply about the people with whom she works and the teams/organizations in where she works diligently to make them better.”

“Cheryl is an authentic, creative, warm and inspiring voice among top executive coaches.  She helped me push beyond self-imposed boundaries to achieve greater leadership success and awareness."

LeVoyd L. Carter, II /

Exec. Dir. or Diversity & Inclusion /

Cox Communications

“Our organization contains a lot of bright and intelligent, but mostly inexperienced, leaders. Under Cheryl’s guidance and expertise, we have been able to provide training and experiential learning that has elevated our managers to the next level."

Jeff Goldberg / COO /

Resurgens Orthopaedics

Tonya Cornileus, Ph.D. /

Vice Pres., Learning & Organizational Development / 


"I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Cheryl.  Cheryl is the consummate professional. She brings a high level of integrity, creativity, and passion to whatever she does. She has done an outstanding job demonstrating her expertise in executive development. Cheryl is a broad thinker, choosing first to think about the possibilities rather than staying within the same old solutions box. Her communication skills, coaching skills, and ability to align leadership/OD solutions to the organization’s business and people priorities are among the best. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Cheryl again.”


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