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Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Peer Coaching

U.magine facilitates and promotes a holistic approach to coaching to achieve successful and sustainable change.


Leaders Navigating Change and Transition, HR as Change Agents, Change and Transition for Employees

U.magine's focus is on the human side of change, an area that is sometimes overlooked or neglected during times of minor or major organizational and personal transition.


Team Building, Team Integration, Team Wellness, Team Communication and Collaboration

Teams are the heart and soul of organizations.  High performing teams focus not only on the task at hand, but also on the critical skills required to work together to achieve results, especially during change.  U.magine is committed to enhancing team communication, collaboration, and alignment.


Mission, Vision, and Goal Setting

U.magine believes that organizations and individuals will flourish when they know the "why" for their existence.  Once the "why" is identified, organizational leaders and individuals can focus on "what" they would like to achieve and how. U.magine assist with identifying the "why" through various imaginative exercises, team discussions, and leadership reflection.


Various Topics (including Women Leadership), Diversity and Inclusion

Cheryl Jordan is a thought leader in women’s leadership in organizations.

U.magine Performance also provides expertise in administering the following training, assessments and approaches....

  • Coaching Certification-Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Hogan HPI, HDS, MVPI, HBRI

  • 360-Benchmarks

  • Corporate Athlete–Human Performance Institute

  • Leading Organizational Change and Transition–Linkage, Inc.

  • Change Management–Prosci

  • Leader as Coach–PDI Ninth House

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