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Many times, it is not uncommon for our hopes and dreams to drift around in our heads, seeking a concrete place to land. The "over thinking syndrome," of crossing every "t" and dotting every "i" prevents us from pulling the trigger. We fear imperfect outcomes‹, which can render us immobile. Nothing happens! I have personally been there. Unfortunately, we drive towards perfection versus purpose.

I recently ran across a book that does not propose following the infinitely detailed project plan. The book, "Execute," was created from the point of inspiration to print in 8 days by authors, Drew Wilson and Josh Long. Sounds both remarkable and impossible, right?!

Several reviewers of the book commented on the faulty writing skills of the authors. Oh no, we cry, "not grammatical errors." a baby boomer's worst nightmare! I even had to shift my grammatical paradigm (not that I claim to be a perfect writer) a bit to see the powerful messages on executing immediately on inspiration.

Several messages resonated with me: "Uber" builders live normal days. They do not flat line at 40% for extended periods of time, but are good and working in 100% increments and having 100% recovery time in between." How many times have you flatlined at 40% or under for extended periods of time? Another great quote is: "Be someone who ships. It's the ultimate gauge on whether or not you're executing."

Wilson and Long tell the story of the creation and design of a new website to highlight important executing principles; however, the ideas are relevant for anyone trying to transition their ideas from "air" to "earth." The book is proof that our ideas do not have to percolate forever to manifest into something real. Check it out...go from inspiration to movement. You can purchase the book at:

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