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Lost in the Woods...

Park moments always illuminate or trigger some reaction, new idea or thought for me. I can feel the white matter neurons extending their axons for new information and connections and percolating like a freshly brewed pot of coffee. The aroma permeates and sticks like glue to the air particles filling the space for what is next, what new connections can create. The trigger for me on this day is a brick etched with the words, "Lost in the woods." Suspecting that someone purchased the brick to add to the circular brick-paved path bordered by crepe myrtle trees, I was befuddled and curious by the words. Was the brick a memorial for a family member lost in the woods?  Did the carefully engraved words reflect the state of mind of the donor at that time? Who knew...? I would never probably find out.  But more importantly, where was I going with all of these questions? Then suddenly I was reminded by the robins courting in front of me to to stay in the moment and to breathe in the air and to embrace those rare moments of play. I reminded myself that we are not lost in the woods when we appreciate and immerse ourselves in the moments that are before compass is needed.. just belief in the magical moments of NOW. The learning...stop overthinking.  Let the moments just be!

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