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The 2018 Deadweight Challenge

I’ve made a commitment to drop “Deadweight” in 2018. It’s time to discard the unnecessary baggage that sometimes manifest as people unworthy of my presence, destructive addictions, self-doubt, unwarranted fear, and worry.

Deadweight is anything that keeps us from manifesting our divine purpose. Deadweight is an albatross immobilizing us from taking even the smallest step, causing us to remain stuck in negative and destructive situations. Deadweight keeps us stuck in mess and muddy mediocrity. Deadweight can isolate us from the people who love us dearly, people who see our potential and are not afraid to see us grow and evolve. It can prevent us from seeing the angels, resources, and God-helpers placed before us and that push us towards our beautiful and bountiful greatness.

Please join me in 2018 in letting go of anything that is not serving you in a positive way or that is preventing you from stepping into the powerful human being you were destined to be.

Dropping deadweight means…

  1. Stepping into your divine humanity.  Acknowledging your unique qualities.  Just like a fingerprint, your “life print” cannot be reproduced.  Cherish you.

  2. Assessing situations and people inhabiting your environment. On a scale from 1 – 5, with “5” as a resounding “yes”; do you feel refreshed, do these situations or individuals open the door for a fresh perspective and a peaceful existence or do they leave you feeling depleted.

  3. Doubling down on personal behaviors or responses that create stagnation and block you from seeing what could be in your life, like a new adventure. You may be immune to these behaviors because they have been a part of your life for so many years. Securing feedback from people you admire and trust may help you understand how you could be sabotaging your movement forward.

  4. Being impeccable with your word. As Don Miguel Ruiz shares in “The Four Agreements,” impeccable comes from the Latin word pecare, which means to sin.  Do not sin against others with negative communication or yourself. What reality are you creating for yourself when your words are grounded in negative thoughts and expressions towards yourself and others. Be the breath of fresh air and perspective in your daily interactions. 

I hope you will join me in the 2018 Deadweight Challenge. Let’s let go, wake up, live, and become a positive force together!


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