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When attempting to make changes in our lives or to identify our purpose or new career, we may sometimes look for a grand plan to descend from the sky and light up our personal universe. We look for epiphanies and genius moments to inform us to do something different and memorable with our lives. Whereas eureka moments can occur, ideas do not always emerge this way. Steve Johnson uses the word “network” to describe the origin of great ideas in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. It is the connections of neurons in our brains that creates the condition for innovation and creativity to occur. A stimulus for this to happen is creating and opening our minds to new experiences. In this process the brain creates new neurons. Neurons connect, bridges are built...and travailed...innovation and creativity things happen!

Inspiration is a prerequisite to imagining and creativity. When is the last time you created a moment for inspiration? When is the last time you looked around to capture present moments echoing a new way to look at something, or following a whisper to drive home from work a different way or to letting go of an old non-value added story about a team member, leader or organization? When is the last time you read a book that challenged your thinking? It is a fact that we hold onto what we know and do so because it is comfortable, so here is a call to action! Break the cycle of comfortability, so that You can create moments of inspiration and insight. Follow the road that you never traveled. Believe at this very moment that You can begin to imagine a fresh start, ignite your personal purpose, or plan the change you want in your career. Open your mind, live in the present moment and make the neuron connection.

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