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The Power of Surrender: Accept, Redirect, Learn, and Apply

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Transformation happens on the other side of surrender—unknown.

We all have moments when we must release and surrender to things we cannot control. Two years ago, my world turned upside down. An important person in my life lost her ability to use language and to walk due to a major illness. Jolted into a new reality and into many spaces of transition, a fighting spirit emerged in me, but to my detriment. In primitive survival mode, I fought and resisted the change. I became angry and inflexible, spiraling out of control. Then one day I was reminded by a love one to surrender to what I could not control. 

Learning to surrender is acknowledging and accepting inevitable and unwelcomed life cycles blazing our trails. In the act of surrender, we deflate the impact and power of the circumstances looming. We also choose to redirect and release misguided energy directed towards fighting change, into exploring and discovering new pathways. And just like the soil sprouting seedlings because of surrendering to an early morning rain shower, we experience personal growth when we surrender.

But a word of caution. Yielding to life circumstances is NOT standing on the sidelines unengaged. You still have the power to choose how you respond and to apply the lessons learned to your life. So, as you choose to surrender, consider incorporating the following actions into your life:

  • Accept what is.

  • Redirect your energy.

    • Indulge in self-care. Make yourself a priority

    • Adopt a posture of strength.  Know your worth and value

    • Engage individuals you trust in brainstorming future pathways

    • Embrace a world of new possibilities

  • Learn and apply lessons learned and new insights from the change.

    • Take one step at a time and believe in your ability to imbue your life with new meaning

    • Create or seek inspiring moments to unlock your motivation for moving forward

So, when faced with the inevitable and challenging winds of life’s disruptors, remember the powerful manifestations of surrender and the power you have to redirect, learn, and apply! 

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